Tcpick Tcp Stream Sniffer and Connection Tracker


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Francesco Stablum


Artyom Khafizov

Bugfixes and memory leak fixes, added RESET and EXPIRED status
detection, added a new way to write the stream to files, using

Federico Castaneda

Added basic UDP support

Buck Huppmann

wrote the RESET status detection

Saumil Shah

has helped me improving tcpick and making it useful to decode
application-level data (i.e. http).

Gianluigi Spagnuolo, kirash

has tested tcpick under many *BSD systems, helping me to make tcpick
more compatible on other systems.  He found also the pcap_next bug and
a bug on the inet_ntoa return ointer.  Kirash is currently helping me
with several patches and increasing the tcpick portability, which is
really very important.

Penelope Fudd

Added a patch that allows to process with tcpick a tcpdump output file
instead of a live connection, in that way:

     % tcpdump -n -s 1600 -w /tmp/foo.tcpdump
     % tcpick -r /tmp/foo.tcpdump


helped me to improve the performance of tcpick suggesting me a method
of session recognization with hash generated by addresses and ports and
a "chained" tracker of structures instead of a block of addresses to
structures (i.e. conn_ptr->next_conn).

Sebastian Prause

added support for DLT_PPP_ETHER datalink type (including pppoe for
NetBSD systems).


wrote a nice dprintf function for debugging purposes :)


Spent a lot of time seeking for a bug I couldn't resolve on a free().


bug found at pcap_next, that returns NULL on some systems suggested me
to change pcap #include directive, because on trustix (and perhaps
other linux systems) libpcap are located in a different place

Ardoino Paolo

Suggested me to control memory allocated addresses

Robert Scheck

suggested me to improve the Makefile with variables.

Alberto 'JCN-9000' Varesio:

found that AIX doesn't have getopt_long and getopt.h

Davide Benini

corrected bug in calling S_calloc with only one argument



CÚdric Delfosse `'

   Maurizio Lemmo `Tannoiser' `'

Source RPM

Paul Drain mantains tcpick as a recompilable source RPM:


Mantained by Dag Wieers, with a lot of platforms available:

   Lou Afonso has compiled version 0.1.20

Testers (read PLATFORMS.old file)

nextime has spent time compiling tcpick on an impressing number of
unix/gnu  platforms helping me understanding tcpick [in]compatibilities

   AdHe5, Alt[O]s, hannibal, Kaioh, Alberto Panu, Maurizio Lemmo
`Tannoiser', Alberto 'JCN-9000' Varesio, gap, Kirillov

   thanks to these people because they spent time testing tcpick on
their unix and linux distros sending me the report, that I used to
complete `PLATFORMS' file.


Thanks to all people that are using tcpick and are sending me
description of problems encountered and to all people here not mentioned
that contributed to this software in many ways.

   Thanks to that hosts tcpick, available here:

   Thanks to, that is currently hosting tcpick packages at this
url: `'

   Thanks to all the mantainers of libpcap (`'),
that indirectly contributed to the development of tcpick :)

   Thanks to `' webmasters, that have added
tcpick in their directory.

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